Contract Distillers

As well as producing our own award-winning products, we are helping others create superb spirits too. We act as a contract distiller and bottler for others who do not have production facilities but would still like their products distilled and bottled in Scotland.

We offer competitive industry rates for production and storage. Our minimum production run is based on one still run and a maximum output per customer of up to 25,000 bottles per year.

With our 500 litre Pot Still and onsite Trade Facilities Warehouse we can produce and hold product in duty suspension. We can then bottle as and when required meaning you only pay the duty when we bottle the final product.

We are also happy to work with individuals and organisations in developing recipes and producing small runs of personalised distilled products for weddings and events or for sale in bars and restaurants. If you have an idea we can help you bring it to fruition.

For more information or to have an informal chat about your project contact Pete or Richard –

Small Batch Know How

Our output range for commercial production starts as
low as 100 litres and we can facilitate up to 25,000
bottles per client per year.

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