Singular Series

From barrel aged Murmichan Absinthe to ancient Italian liqueurs the Singular Series has no limits. These are one off single batch creations. Crafted from natural ingredients sourced from around the world, the Singular Series is an honest approach to spirits where anything can and might be created.

Singular Series

An opportunity for you to sample our conventional and not so conventional creations..

Singular Series Murmichan Absinthe

Auld Alliance Edition

72% abv 50cl

Murmichan is Scotland’s first absinthe so it is fitting that the first absinthe to be aged in whisky casks is Murmichan. Aged for 20 months in Tomintoul first fill American oak casks the absinthe takes its colour and many of its tastings notes from the whisky and the oak.

Singular Series Rucolino

Rocket, Cloves, Orange & Lemon Peel

58.3% abv 50cl

It may have similar properties to rocket fuel but its rocket the salad leaf which forms the base for this lovely old Italian liqueur. We love history at Lost Loch so when we came across an old recipe book with this gem in it – we couldn’t resist! Rocket leaves, cloves, orange and lemon peel are macerated in a simple gin base for a few months until a deep green colour is achieved. The Rucolino has similar properties to an absinthe and once water is added it turns a lovely shade of white emerald with a beautiful opacity.

Singular Series Blended Caribbean Rum with Vanilla Beans

40.5% abv 50cl

Tales of little pods giving bursts of woody and peppery flavours and notes of tobacco, gingerbread and roasted nut, led us to Papua New Guinea where we discovered delicious ethically sourced vanilla beans. We added these bad boys to three beautiful Caribbean rums from the islands of Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Grenada to create this one-off batch of blended Caribbean rum.

Singular Series Raspberry & Stem Ginger Gin

40.0% abv 50cl

Introducing our Singular Series Raspberry & Stem Ginger Gin. Lost Loch Spirits original gin has been infused with Aberdeenshire raspberries, spicy stem ginger pieces and syrup to create this one-off gin. Its red, sweet, spicy and simply delicious!

NEW! Singular Series Whisky

44% abv 50cl

Introducing a limited edition Lost Loch Singular Series Whisky. You may have tasted our Auld Alliance Edition Murmichan Absinthe that was aged in whisky casks? We’ve now created a Singular Series Whisky - blended three year old whisky that is finished for 24 months in an absinthe cask. Think whisky, aniseed, oak, with a hint of honey sweetness complementing the wormwood.

Nose: Big notes of absinthe in the form of sweet liquorice with lemon cheesecake, some almonds and clove. A whisky background of barley sugar and freshly cut grass.

Palate: Liquorice allsorts and cloves upfront, subsiding to sweeter flavours of honeysuckle, custard cream biscuits and coconut.

Finish: Dry but fairly short. Liquorice lingers but more citrus fruits.

Singular Series Dominican Rum

42% abv 50cl

Dominican Rum finished for 24 months in a Tomintoul Whisky Cask, 42% abv 50cl

Tasting notes: Custard creams and vanilla, with brown sugar and caramel. Silky smooth and very creamy.

Singular Series Sloe Gin

29.9% abv 50cl

Introducing our Singular Series Sloe Gin. Lost Loch Spirits original gin infused with British sloes, sweet and tangy and simply delicious!

Singular Series. Single batch creations.

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