Micro-tours & Tastings

Hosted most Saturdays, your micro-tour will commence at the Lost Loch Spirits’ Distillery where we distil and bottle our award-winning spirits. You will be taken through the history of gin, absinthe and the art of distilling. You’ll learn about how Lost Loch came to be and hear about our future ambitions, gain an insight into the botanicals carefully chosen for our recipes and see how our award-winning spirits are hand-crafted (naturally, there will be tastings of them too).

Tour ticket:

  • £25.00 per person (free for under 18s)


  • Tour of the distillery
  • A brief history of gin and absinthe and the art of distilling
  • Botanical sampling
  • Tasting of our award-winning spirits (over 18’s only)
  • Complimentary Lost Loch Spirits branded glassware

Tour & Tasting duration: 1 – 2 hours

Where in the world?

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