Haroosh – An excited, high spirited, disorderly gathering, a tumult, an uproar, a broil, a “set-to”

An Age Old Family Recipe That Embodies The Spirit Of Scottish Flavours, Haroosh originates from the North East of Scotland and has been made by the family for over 100 years. Brambleberries would be foraged every autumn then left to infuse with local honey and whisky, slowly transforming into Haroosh, which has been enjoyed by family and friends for many generations.

The first small batch released for sale was produced in 2016. We can’t give away all our secrets but we use a blend of Scottish whiskies to create a crisp, light and malty base for Haroosh. Our brambleberries are foraged from the Royal Deeside area and sourced from berry farms in Angus, just over the Grampian Mountains. We use a mixture of heather, clover and willow herb Deeside honey, all sourced from a local master bee keeper. The bees collect nectar from various locations in and around the Dee valley which helps give Haroosh a unique natural sweetness.

Our production methods are the same as they were 100 years ago and we produce a limited number of bottles every year. For us, every bottle of Haroosh is special, from infusion to labelling, each bottle is hand crafted and uniquely sealed with bees wax.

Each bottle of Haroosh contains at least 50 brambleberries and our bees have to travel 4500 miles to collect enough honey for every bottle.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Sweet honey is obvious, almost overpowering all other aromas. Subtle redcurrants and oak.
Taste: Sweet, smooth, fruity and delicious! The first thing that comes to mind is a Hot Toddy Nectar. The Whisky and honey combine wonderfully on the first taste, then the full fruity explosion takes away any notion that this may contain alcohol. Very dangerous indeed.

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