Murmichan is the name of a wicked Scots fairy and our name for the first Scottish absinthe.

Murmichan is produced in a traditional manner using natural botanicals for both flavouring and colouring. We use a traditional Swiss-French recipe with a Scottish twist including wormwood, aniseed, fennel seed, hyssop, star anise, lemon balm, mint leaves, bramble leaves, lemon thyme and heather flower. We also use Royal Deeside honey giving our absinthe a unique taste and mouth fee, and Deeside Water straight from the ancient Pannanich Wells in the Cairngorms. Murmichan holds a Gold blind tasting award from the Global Spirits Masters.

For the unconventional bohemian greats


Tasting Notes

The Nose

Nosed at bottle strength (64% abv) aniseed and fennel dominate the aroma, but with the addition of just a few drops of cold water a vegetal and herbal complexity emerges. Lemon thyme and mint shine through supported by floral and earthy notes.

The Palate

Tasted at bottle strength (64% abv) strong aniseed is dominant instantaneously but fades to a bright and citrusy fennel with a long bittersweet finish. The slick bitterness coats the tongue, but lacks astringency or harshness.

Perfect Serve

Sip slowly, like whisky, to appreciate its full complexity.


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