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After a stunning drive through the breath-taking scenery of Royal Deeside, you’ll arrive at the Loch Spirits’ Distillery where we create our award-winning spirits, inspired by the natural landscape and local history that surrounds us. There you’ll be warmly welcomed, and we’ll share our story as well as the fascinating history of gin, absinthe and the art of distilling.

You’ll learn about how Lost Loch came to be and get a flavour of what’s next, taste and smell the botanicals carefully chosen for our recipes and see how our award-winning spirits are hand-crafted (naturally, there will be tastings of them too). And if you’re the superhero who’s offered to drive for the day, we’ve got something special for you too.

Tour ticket:

  • £25.00 per person (free for under 18s)


  • Tour of the distillery
  • A brief history of gin and absinthe and the art of distilling
  • Smell and taste the Lost Loch Wall of Botanics
  • Tasting of our award-winning spirits (over 18’s only)

Botanical Walk

At Lost Loch we are surrounded by beautiful countryside and natural beauty. Many of the botanicals used in distilling grow locally and can be found within a short walk from the distillery. We’ve been developing a half hour walk which you can add on to your tour and tasting or Spirits School, please get in touch on if you’re interested in this option.

Tour & Tasting duration: 1.5 hours

  • If you have any access requirements, or any questions, please give us a call (01339883411) or send us an email and we'll do everything we can to assist.
  • Tours start from 10am and tastings from 10:30am onwards.

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